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Mike Foale (ex CSIRO scientist) gives us the low down on low fat...

The Cocosplit website

exists not only to introduce the new invention known as Cocosplit but also to address important issues surrounding the status of coconut as food and some ideas to make coconut processing easier and increase the pleasure and benefits of increased use of coconut. We deal with the following topics:

  • The outlook of the Cocosplit team

  • The problem that Cocosplit was designed to overcome

  • The design elements unique to this very effective device

  • Operational details - a complete "how to" for efficiently splitting the nut

  • Techniques for kernel extraction once the nut has been split in half

  • Detailed instructions for preparation of a new kernel product we know as "Gourmet Copra"

  • A comprehensive summary of the health benefits gained by regular consumption of coconut oil - in the fresh kernel, in gourmet copra, or extracted and known as Virgin Coconut Oil


The Cocosplit team’s Mission Statement: COCONUT REDEMPTION


These two words acknowledge that coconut as food was, from the 1960s, presented to the world by the marketers of competing food oils as a danger to heart health in spite of its role since antiquity as a key component in the diet of tropical coastal communities.

Since the unqualified attacks on the value of coconut in the diet, independent research into the complex world of dietary fats and oils has exonerated coconut..

The Cocosplit team (Mike, Richard and Owen) is dedicated to join the many others who promulgate the many benefits of coconut in the diet, rebutting the wrongful claims that are still being made by competing marketers. Likewise many diet and health professionals in importing countries are not yet fully aware of recent research findings about the particular benefits of diverse dietary fats and oils.

The principal purpose of the Cocosplit team is to provide this simple yet remarkably effective tool, Cocosplit, that gives simple direct access to the juice and kernel of the mature coconut. Tools for extraction of the kernel from the half-nut complete the “do-it-yourself” kit for preparing fresh coconut to eat direct or process further.

Links are provided here to many other web-sites, opening the door to a wide range of reports on coconuts, coconut juice and oil, and their many potential health benefits.


Introduction to Cocosplit. Mike Foale (Australia) - Coconut enthusiast and promoter with 50 years experience as a coconut scientist speaks about his    new invention - a device for splitting coconuts.

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In summary coconut oil is a highly stable food, rich in medium-chain fatty acids that enter easily into the energy regime of the body boosting vigour, enhancing the function of the immune system, and providing protection against a wide range of bacterial, fungal and viral infective organisms.

In a diet that also contains the essential omega 3 and  omega 6 oils coconut oil has a highly  positive impact on heart health.

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